Cottages in Pays de la Loire

Looking to go on holiday or weekend in one cottage in Pays de la Loire ? France-Balades offers a selection of 132 cottages like the stay or outing you need in Loire-Atlantique, Maine-et-Loire, Mayenne, Sarthe, Vendee : Shows, events and exhibitions, Leisures and Relax, Sports and fitness, Gastronomy.
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Pays de la Loire
 The departments :
La roulotte des Gauliers, 49 Chavagnes les eaux
Domaine La Folie, 85 Mareuil-sur-Lay-Dissais
Gîte du Pressoir, 44 Vieillevigne
Gîte La Petite Folie, 85 Mareuil-sur-Lay-Dissais
[Gîte rural de La Chassière], 44 Vieillevigne
Cottages in Pays de la Loire
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