Locaspera : Ein ferienhauser im Alpes Maritimes im Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur - Willkommen

Ferienhauser Speracedes (Alpes Maritimes) willkommen : Spéracèdes in Speracedes dans les Alpes-maritimes, a welcoming village, its fabulous panoramic view has charmed so many, why not you ? We are at about 500 meters above sea level, facing the sea (10 kilometers as the crow flies), with no facing buildings, and our village is...
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Ferienhäuser mit charme
Monsieur Stéphane Van de Velde
340 Route de Cabris
Le Clos du Suquet
06530   Speracedes, Alpes Maritimes
Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur , +33 (0) 6 10 36 85 24
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Ab 700€/Woche
14 Personen/maximum
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La météo à Speracedes
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Ab 700€/Woche
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Spéracèdes, a welcoming village, its fabulous panoramic view has charmed so many, why not you ?
We are at about 500 meters above sea level, facing the sea (10 kilometers as the crow flies), with no facing buildings, and our village is protected by the rocky outcrops of Cabris and Saint Cézaire sur Siagne. This warrants for a very enjoyable climate, not to forget that view - I know I'm repeating myself, but you'll understand once you get here.
We offer three apartments for your stay.
We labelled the largest one as Upper Apartment on our website, it meters at 80 square meters, it offers two bedrooms and a comfortable folding sofa in the living room, a Tropézienne roof terrace (with sun awning), and it can fit six people. It is equipped with Air Conditioning for yoru comfort. The fully equipped kitchen even has a dishwasher and an ice-cube machine in the large fridge. It also features a bathroom (with a tub), and a separate privy.
Our other two apartments are near each other, right close to the swimming pool, and we labelled them East and West. They offer 40 square meters of housing, and each has its private, decked terrace of 20 square meters. They have a bedroom, the same quality folding sofa, the same level of comfort in the bathrooms, and their kitchens are equally equipped (including the dishwasher).
An interesting feature, we can in fact open a comunication door between their terraces if we so wish.
The overflowing pool contains 90 cubic meters of water, it starts at a very shallow section and ofers two and a half meter of depth at its other end.
The pool has a first terrace in Lot flagstones, and a solarium terrace in tropical wood, ending on a grassy section. Stairs on each side of the house will let you walk back to the parking lot.
Pets are welcome at no extra cost. I'll also gladly share a few hiking ideas to explore with them.
We are located at the limit of the village, it is easily reached by foot if you wish to go eat at our local friendly (and very tasty) restaurant, right next to our small grocery store. Spéracèdes is also famous for its olive oil producers, an dteh City Hall hosts our local Post office.
The surrounding villages will offer yet more friendly tables, alimentary shops (and other types as well), and atm for urgent cash needs.
Our region is ripe in activities and places to visit - you'll be able to choose between Grasse, Cannes, Nice, Antibes, Italy (by train from Grasse), our famous mountain called Tanneron, the list is quite long? You will find a longer (but not exhaustive) list on our website, and I'll gladly be there to answer any queries you might have. Having worked porfessionally as a host since 1998 (which also implies you can get an official invoice after your stay), imagine how much I may hold available for you ? Do note though, I will endeavour to stay out of your way during your stay.
Ah, all technical and financial details are posted on our website (Technical details, and in five languages). We also tried to build the most practical and accurate itinerary page, along with a fully decsriptive presentation of each apartment.
I shall let you check all those points, feel free to contact me if you have any quetsions or want to confirm our availabilities. I look forward to your messages !
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Notre entrée

Notre parking et le barbecue

Vue sur la piscine depuis le parking

La montée vers le parking

Appartement Supérieur

L'appartement Ouest

L'appartement Ouest

L'appartement Est

La sallle de bain Est

Chambre - appartement supérieur

Chambre Ouest

Chambre - appartement supérieur

Vue sur la mer

Vue aérienne

La fameuse piscine

Vue panoramique


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